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The Nominating Committee currently consists of Messrs. Grover, Chairman, Ladd and Graham, all of whom are non-employee directors and "independent" as defined in Section 121A of the American Stock Exchange rules and the Exchange Act. The primary function of the Nominating Committee is to determine the slate of Director nominees for election to the Company's Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee considers candidates recommended by security holders, directors, officers and outside sources and considers criteria such as business experience, ethical standards and personal qualifications in evaluating all such nominees. Stockholders who wish to have their nominees for election to the Board of Directors considered by the Nominating Committee may submit such nomination to the Secretary of the Company for receipt not less than 80 days prior to the date of the next Annual Meeting of stockholders and include (i) the name and address of the stockholder making the nomination, (ii) information regarding such nominee as would be required to be included in the proxy statement, (iii) a representation of the stockholder, and the stockholder's intent to appear in person or by proxy at the meeting to propose such nomination, and (iv) the written consent of the nominee to serve as a director if so elected. The Nominating Committee currently operates under a written charter adopted and approved by the Board of Directors as of June 15, 2005.

Nominating Committee Charter